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If you have a current backup, then you're ready to proceed.

Select the disk you wish to erase. A drop-down sheet will appear, asking you to confirm that you wish to erase the target disk. Click Erase. Disk Utility will erase the drive. A drop-down sheet will appear, asking if you agree to the license terms. Click Agree. A list of disks will appear; select the disk you wish to install OS X Lion on.

This should be the same disk you erased earlier. Click the Install button. The Lion installer will copy the necessary files to the target disk. The installer may also download necessary components from the Apple web site. In our installation tests, there were never any downloads, but this feature may ensure that the installation has the latest updates, and there may not have been any current updates. A progress bar will display, with an estimate of the time to copy the needed files. Once all the necessary files are copied to the target disk, your Mac will restart.

After your Mac restarts, the installation process will continue. A progress bar will display, with an estimate of the installation time, which can run from 10 to 30 minutes. Sirious said:. Again, the info is right here in the thread at least with respect to me and my requirements : using USB sticks to boot virtual machines is more trouble than it's worth. Yes, it's possible, but it's not as simple as just plug in a bootable USB stick and tell the VM software to use it as the boot device, it's a bit more complex than that.

Even using an actual DVD in an optical drive as part of the physical host machine that's running the guest OS is easier than using a USB stick, I can't say for the life of me why however. I suppose it's just not that big of a deal to the VM developers - it's not a hardware limitation either as I understand it. Anyway, I'll keep trying various methods and hacks until something comes along that not only explains what has changed with the final release of El Capitan but also provides "the fix" to make ISOs if desired. RumorzGuy macrumors Sep 17, 81 Guam, Mariana Islands, U. Apr 21, 2, Mavericks, yosemite and el capitan changed so that just burning the InstallESD.

Also, restoring a bootable usb to iso results in a bootable iso, but that iso is useless because booting is ALL it does. Try actually installing from it and it doesn't work. There are 12 and 14 terminal commands respectively to make a bootable iso and dvd for mavericks and yosemite respectively.

How to Burn an ISO on your Mac

It is THIS version of the iso which has been successful for mavericks and yosemite. So far attempts to tweak these for the public release of el capitan have not worked because apple have changed it yet again. Last edited: Oct 5, Nocturnius macrumors newbie. You seem to have solved it. This definitely works to make a bootable dvd.

The ultimate test of the dvd though isn't just that it boots up, but also is capable of installing the system. I already had a clean install of el capitan on a partition which I made with my bootable usb but decided to wipe it to thoroughly test the el capitan dvd. Of course the dvd boots up much more slowly than the usb, as expected. But the dvd successfully installed el capitan. The iso file still can't be used to install into vmware fusion however. Sep 29, VMware Fusion 8. It's a personal thing, not an absolute must - the basic gist of it is that I don't like some of the changes that Apple keeps making that are not really improving things and were innocuous to begin with and so I have to find workarounds for those changes that is more hassle for me, the end user.

I'll test out that method outlined just above that tywebb13 says is bootable, and hope for the best. The quest continues Last edited: Oct 6, Oct 6, 7 5. Sadly I discovered that all the old Mavericks and Yosemite stuff didnt work, but after much testing in VMs of course! I registered with MacRumors just to post this, so hopefully you all find it useful. I am going to list the steps in a rather verbose manner to avoid any confusion but you will see it is rather simple after all.

I strongly suggest doing this in a VM of!

This all assumes you have the El Capitan Installer app which will be our source. Right-click the installer app, and choose Show Package Contents from the resulting contextual menu. Double-click InstallESD. Select BaseSystem. Drag the BaseSystem. Note the custom size is as small as you can go and fit it all in.

THESE details are the secret sauce that cracked the puzzle for me! In Disk Utility, find this newly mounted destination drive in the left sidebar. Drag to the Destination field on the right. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Mac OSX Basics: How to burn a CD or DVD

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