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Either way I would like to pull her old hard drive and recover the data.

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Is it possible to hook the drive to my PC and read it? I know Macs have different formatting, but are there programs that would allow this? I think recovery facilities are expensive, so we would greatly appreciate any suggestions for how I can retrieve her data. Depending on the model of iMac, it sounds as though you have an iMac G5 there, it is very easy to remove the drive, only takes three screws to remove the back cover, and then recover the drive.

Repair a disk using Disk Utility on Mac

This model was notorious for that and may well have been the cause of the problem. Hi, I know the thread is old, but this just happened to me and I'm traveling abroad so I was completely distraught to not know if my hard drive was fubar'ed with all my pics and such when the motherboard on my macbookpro went pop. The Java stuff was a PITA to download and get right for some reason, but not being completely savvy with peecees likely caused some of that frustration. I field stripped the macbookpro, slapped the drive in a spare enclosure and did a little good juju dance before plugging it in.

It worked and the data survived! The drive does not automatically pop up in the program's window: you have to tell the program to 'load from device' under the 'file' pulldown. Cheers and good luck out there!

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Once the software is installed, the Mac drive is recognized by Windows and appears just like any other Windows drive. No messing about with interfaces or Java bits. We've added some titles for use on the Apple and some titles let you access Apple formatted drives Ubuntu did the last time I used that. From free, free to try to payware, we have titles to try at this link. Now you can recover all data from Mac hard drive using Mac drive data recovery software. Once I used it when my Mac system's hard drive was corrupted. It successfully recovered all files in single scan.

If your in need of powerful recovery tool means just reply to me.

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I will provide the link of this software. Good Afternoon, Please do post the name and or link to the software that was capable of single pass data recovery from a Mac drive. I was just presented this sort of problem and would like to provide a quick solution. I had my mac HD I've frozen the old external HD in the fridge and the clicking does stop I've read that in the frozen state, people can copy some data. Without the clicking sound, the message I get is: "The disk you inserted is not readable by this computer: initialize How can I retrieve my data?

I know it's a last ditch effort.

Over a decade ago they recovered a Novell HDD that had been from a dos format. Discussion is locked. Follow Follow this discussion and email me when there are updates Stop following this discussion.

Mac Data Recovery | Recover Data from Mac Hard Drive to PC

Please remember to be considerate of other members. To start up in Safe Mode , hold down the shift key and then start your Mac. It will also delete some of the startup caches that may also be preventing your Mac from starting successfully. When First Aid is finished, restart your Mac normally. You should use this startup mode only for troubleshooting and not for running day-to-day applications.

Repair Macbook Pro 13 inch Hard Drive - Failing Hard Drive Replacement or Repair

Press return or enter after you type the above line. Fsck will start and display status messages about your startup disk.

How to Get Your Mac to Recognize a Drive |

When it finally finishes this can take a while , you will see one of two messages. The first indicates that no problems were found. The second message indicates that problems were encountered and fsck attempted to correct the errors on your hard drive. If you see the second message, you should repeat the fsck command again. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. There are three methods of getting around this problem.