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You can however just download the code from github:. This section has about 5 different fonts in it, all of which contain a size. Clicking the latter takes you to the corresponding item in the Basic section. Clicking the former lets you edit that item directly.

Changing the Basic font items will handle not only Java text but just about every other text in Eclipse that can be resized, as far as I can tell. One click replaces the 4 needed to get there through menus.

I do it so often, my Quick Access tool pulls it up as a previous choice right at the top of the list so I can just type "font" with a tap on the enter key and Boom! Better yet, this even automatically brings up a list with your previous choices. I use this all the time to make it bigger during long typing or reading sessions to ease eye strain, or to make it smaller if I need more text on the screen at one time to make it easier to find something. It's not quite as nice as zooming with the scroll wheel, but it's a lot better than navigating through the menus every time!

What I am doing is using the Windows 10 magnifier. Not the same as zooming on firefox, but it has been quite useful. The tarlog plugin, combined with removing -Dorg. Problem: Didn't work for me for a PyDev foo. Workaround: Open a file named foo. Go back to foo. Listen now. Learn more.

Controla el tamaño, orden y ajuste de ventanas con comandos de teclado con reSizer

Eclipse IDE: How to zoom in on text? Ask Question. Asked 10 years, 6 months ago. Active 1 year, 4 months ago. Viewed k times. Mark Amery 75k 38 38 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Yossale Yossale 6, 16 16 gold badges 72 72 silver badges 97 97 bronze badges.

Ampliaciones extremas y (ya no tan) caras

Marcel Valdez Orozco Marcel Valdez Orozco 2, 1 1 gold badge 20 20 silver badges 23 23 bronze badges. Great, thanks for sharing. To install the plugin, all you have to do in Eclipse 3. It is now a official feature in Neon: eclipse. Mifmif Mifmif 2, 12 12 silver badges 20 20 bronze badges. This is the correct solution!! This is correct, no need of extra plugin. I am puzzled why this answer isnt at the top of all answers! Woody 1 1 silver badge 4 4 bronze badges. Previously some extra plugins had to be installed which did not always work at least in my experience.

The above setting exists for a long time in Eclipse. But it is rather painful to get into this dialog to increase and decrease the font size. The shortcut changes both the text size in the source editor view and in the console view. Changing the font size is a very useful feature: I can zoom in and out with increasing and decreasing the font size which is very useful presenting source code with a projector.

Zooming In and Out of Text with Eclipse | MCU on Eclipse

It only changes the font size of text editors, and not the font size of other items like menus or dialogs. Zooming is in Eclipse only available as a shortcut, and I wish there would be support for it using the mouse scroll wheel e. Still, the keyboard shortcut is very useful. What about pre-Neon Eclipse? There is the tarlog-plugins you could use. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. By default, QGIS renders all visible layers whenever the map canvas is refreshed. The events that trigger a refresh of the map canvas include:.

Puede determinar los valores de escala haciendo zum primero al nivel que quiera usar y anotanto el valor de escala en la barra de estado de QGIS. To suspend rendering, click the Render checkbox in the lower right corner of the status bar. When the Render checkbox is not checked, QGIS does not redraw the canvas in response to any of the events described in section Renderizado. Examples of when you might want to suspend rendering include:. Marcar la casilla Renderizar habilita el renderizado y origina un refresco inmediato del lienzo del mapa. Para detener el dibujado del mapa, presione la tecla ESC.

Puede que tarde un poco desde que se presiona la tecla ESC hasta que se detenga el dibujado del mapa. QGIS has an option to influence the rendering quality of the map. There are some settings that allow you to improve rendering speed. The select color dialog will appear whenever you push the icon to choose a color. When checked, the color dialog used is the one of the OS being used. Otherwise, QGIS custom color chooser is used.

This dialog has four different tabs which allow you to select colors by color ramp , color wheel , color swatches or color picker not available under.

Acercar y alejar (Zoom)

There is also an opacity slider to set transparency level. On the lower left part of the dialog you can see a comparison between the current and the new color you are presently selecting and on the lower right part you have the option to add the color you just tweaked into a color slot button. Check the Use live-updating color chooser dialogs option in the General Settings to have the color applied to your items as you change color parameters in the QGIS custom color chooser dialog. With color ramp or with color wheel , you can browse to all possible color combinations.

There are other possibilities though. By using color swatches you can choose from a preselected list. This selected list is populated with one of three methods:. Another option is to use the color picker which allows you to sample a color from under your mouse pointer at any part of QGIS or even from another application by pressing the space bar. You can quickly choose from Recent colors , from Standard colors or simply copy or paste a color by clicking the drop-down arrow that follows the color box. QGIS offers different options for special rendering effects with these tools that you may previously only know from graphics programs.

Blending modes can be applied on layers, on features but also on print composer items:. Tenga en cuenta que los resultados tienden a ser irregulares y rigurosos.

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Panning the map is possible with the arrow keys. Place the mouse cursor inside the map area, and click on the right arrow key to pan east, left arrow key to pan west, up arrow key to pan north, and down arrow key to pan south. You can also use the space bar to temporarily cause mouse movements to pan the map.

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The PgUp and PgDown keys on your keyboard will cause the map display to zoom in or out. Measuring works within projected coordinate systems e. The first three measuring tools behave equally to global project settings:.


This is true both when geographic and projected coordinate systems are defined for the project. However, neither the identify tool nor the field calculator will transform your data to the project CRS before measuring. Here, measurement is by default planimetric except if you choose the ellipsoidal measure. All measuring modules use the snapping settings from the digitizing module.

This is useful, if you want to measure along lines or areas in vector layers. To select a measuring tool, click on and select the tool you want to use. The tool then allows you to click points on the map. Each segment length, as well as the total, shows up in the measure window. To stop measuring, click your right mouse button.

Note that you can interactively change the measurement units in the measurement dialog.