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Nothing works.

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I am livid that all today was wasted. So you might be doing something wrong. Have you got the latest version of office on your Mac? The version of Word that I currently have is version Thank you so much for this app! Working flawlessly with microsoft Word mac OS X What do I do if there is no short edge binding option? Short edge binding is a checkbox that appears after you select double sided printing.

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It is not a page size like A4. Hi Ive just installed the create booklet app on to my Mac with El Capitan. What am I doing wrong, has anyone else experienced this? Did that and now its printed out perfectly. Thanks for your help. Hi there, please could you help me?

I bought Create Booklet thinking it would make 4-up booklet in portrait, each page about 4. But all I can get is 2 much larger pages side by side, landscape.

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  • What I need are four pages on each side of paper sheet of 8. For the two pages landscape front and back it is so easy, but they are too large for our projects. Create booklet cannot do that. I tried it, and it does do it but the margins are hinky and the print even though set at 16, came out about 6pt.

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    • What if I wanted to print on legal sized paper 8. Do the same steps apply? Rather than trying to fumble to make all of my pages symmetrical and nicely lined up I just make regular 8. Hey, I just want to thank you for this article. It is very useful indeed. Most tutorials explain well how to do it on MS Word But not for Mac users. Either make a half page layout and assemble the final pdfs in the correct order into a full page layout as described only recently.

      VLC for Mac OS X

      May 10, AM. Unfortunately, some of the "More Like This" links are to older posts that may not work. However, since you are running Leopard I would update to the latest version of May 10, PM. May 10, PM in response to wddt In response to wddt When you download anything it should go in your designated downloads folder. In Snow Leopard I know there is a default "Downloads" folder in created in your user folder. I think Leopard defaulted to the Desktop, but don't quote me on it.

      CocoaBooklet is in a. Then copy the CocoaBooklet.

      Click Download Now. Do not go to the developer page - it hasn't been working for some time. When the download is completed you will see a file that looks like this in your downloads location.

      Installing Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on white MacBook

      Drag this icon to your Applications folder. You may then eject the mounted disk image. Now you have CocoaBooklet installed.

      How do I make a booklet with Pages?

      Perhaps you could post a picture of what you have. This new forum software makes posting pictures quite easy. Click the camera icon above the text box in a reply to get started. May 11, AM. May 11, AM in response to wddt In response to wddt I was basing my suggestion of using CocoaBooklet on the specs listed in an earlier post of yours that you are using Leopard. If you are using Snow Leopard, CocoaBooklet will not work. Snow Leopard changed the "java bridge. May 14, PM in response to wddt In response to wddt I found a cool tool for creating booklets in Mac OS. You can print the booklet from any Print Dialog, like from Pages or Numbers, etc.

      May 14, PM. May 15, AM in response to linda In response to linda In my usually answer for creating booklets I do mention Create Booklet. It can work quite well but it doesn't work as well as CocoaBooklet for me.

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      So I have applied the Java fix to get it to work in Snow Leopard. May 15, AM. I haven't tried that, Peggy. I don't feel technical enough! I worry about security issues when installing "older" versions; and maybe that I'll mess it up. I have not tried CocoaBooklet either, and it might even be better than Create Booklet. I don't print that many booklets for it to be an issue. May 15, PM in response to linda In response to linda