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You can create, manage and delete playlists, and create smart playlists.


Smart playlists can be created by choosing special parameters which Elmedia Player will then organize according to your criteria. Unfortunately, this free version of Elmedia Player for Mac does not allow you to download videos and animations from the web and view videos in full-screen mode.

Free flash movie player for Mac OS

You also can't also take screenshots of your favorite movie moments. Note that it does also install additional components to help you cache video footage. The app features built-in web browser that allows you to watch online videos directly from the app, while Open URL lets you to do it without noisy ads. There is plenty Elmedia offers to enhance your viewing experience: band equalizer to shape your audio tone, video tuner to make your videos better, video aspect ratio change to fit image into screen, optimize your video viewing by adjusting playback speed, A-B loop to repeat a video segment playback, on-screen display for actions such as pausing playback, flipping, rotating images.

Add hardware accelerated decoding to the list - it can significantly unload the processor, helps avoiding video slowdown, helps with sound to video sync, etc. Elmedia can play video in full screen mode or pin player window on top of other running apps so you do not miss a moment of a movie. The player has its own volume control, enables you to edit subtitles, and more. Elmedia Player PRO boasts with a list of additional features which make it one of the best video players for Mac:.

Elmedia Player for Mac

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Elmedia Flash Player

Learn more. It is the free version of the more advanced Elmedia Player for Mac Pro, which features more advanced tools such as the ability to View full description. Elmedia Player PRO boasts with a list of additional features which make it one of the best video players for Mac: Downloading online videos and movies of various file types and resolutions Download regular and streaming RTMP videos and Flash animations to your hard drive Preview and download of external resources used by SWF animations Download videos from YTB and extract MP3 files Make the screenshot of any moment you liked Convert the whole movie into series of images Adjusting audio in various ways choosing output devices for video and audio.

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