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How To Download And Install Adobe Digital Editions

After opening the guides on your device iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iTouch , you must still save a copy into your PDF reader app of choice by tapping the screen — this will prompt you to open and save the file using an app like iBooks, Adobe Reader, Goodreader, Kindle etc. If you do not see the 'Open in iBooks' prompt then please select the 'Share' button the square with an arrow pointing upward. When you tap the icon, a list of options will appear. Select 'Open In' and then select 'Copy to iBooks' or some other reader app.

We recommend using iBooks or free apps like Adobe Reader. Once you have downloaded a PDF reader, you will be able to save the files to your device and then view them without connecting to the internet - this will save you time, money and data charges.

Keep in mind that sometimes handheld devices might not always be reliable when trying to download larger files over WiFi - the connection may not be strong enough and the processors not fast enough. Where this happens, you'll find that the device keeps trying to download the file, and you may discover you have run out of downloads before you know it.

A more reliable alternative is to download the files to your desktop computer or laptop. You can then either copy them across, or email them as an attachment to the email account you have set up on your device. This also means that if you ever lose access to your files on your device, you will have access to them as long as you save the email or keep the files saved on your home computer.

This can sometimes be an issue when trying to download files. We can assure you that our files pose no such risk, and this is an issue of browser compatibility that we are working to resolve.

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The solution is to use another browser to open your download email, and we recommend the Apple-developed Safari browser is used on Apple devices. If your internet connection goes down, simply refresh the screen when it's back up and your download will continue. Alternatively, it might be an old version of a web browser that's causing the problem. Try downloading the file in a different web browser, or think about downloading the latest version of one of the following for free it only takes a few minutes :.

If you're still experiencing difficulties, please refer to our troubleshooting tips below. Our files are best suited to Adobe Reader 9. Note that you can download each eBook or chapter up to 5 times, so please refer back to your order confirmation email to access the download link if needed.

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Our recent files have been created using the latest version of Adobe, and older versions do not have the fonts we used to create our files. To fix the problem, you need to download the latest version of the Adobe Reader from the Official Adobe website for free. We'd like to reassure you that files purchased from lonelyplanet. This might mean that your internet signal was too weak, or it went down for a moment. To rectify this and open your file, you'll need to download it again note that you can download each file up to 5 times. You'll see this error when your PDF reader not being able to decrypt our file.

Our newer PDF chapters have been created using Adobe 9, so if you have an older PDF reader installed it may not be recognising some of the fonts we have used in our files. This is easily fixed with an update to the latest version of Adobe Reader.

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To download or update the latest Adobe Reader for free, visit the official Adobe site. If you have a preference for another PDF viewer, simply ensure that you have downloaded the latest update for this software. If updating to the latest version does not work, please download Adobe to view the files. A tip: Please remember that after updating your software, you need to use the updated PDF viewer to open the file. Mac users: If you are using Preview to view the file, try updating your current version. Alternatively, use Adobe to view the files. This is generally an issue of memory capacity - the iPad is not as powerful as a computer and the operating system isn't built to handle the downloading of large files eg.

This app is able to process the complex maps found in some of our chapters and is available from the Apple App-store. If it does happen, the first thing to do is make sure you have the most up-to-date operating system and reader that you can. After that, make sure you have enough memory to open and read the file by taking steps to maximise the available memory.

This may mean shutting down all other programs, deleting unwanted files or even turning the device off and back on.

Adobe Digital Editions

If this does not work, you are best to download the files to your desktop, and then transfer them to your iPad. The most MAC-friendly way to do this is by opening the file in Preview , and then saving it to your desktop. They should open without incident if you follow this suggestion. We have reports of this happening when travelers are using Internet Explorer on Android devices like the Samsung Galaxy tablet.

How to set Adobe Digital Editions to open ebooks automatically

This is related to the fact that Android devices do not support Windows, and therefore they download what is called the source file, rather than the PDF itself. The solution is an easy one - you'll just need to download the file using another internet browser like Chrome, Opera or Firefox. Search results Show more. Online Shop Orders How to download Where is my download link? Where are the files I downloaded - I can't find them?! You used to be able to download Adobe Digital Editions 1. I'm installing a new computer and want ADE 1. Anybody got the installer for that, or a link to it, please?

Many, many thanks! The link for ADE 1. Last edited by GeoffR; at PM. Reason: Page changed, but original link still active. I do have it, because I just recently had to put in a new hard drive and re-install it myself! I should've refreshed before posting. Last edited by pisceschick; at PM. Reason: Too slow! Thanks, GeoffR and PicsesChick. It's not letting me authorize under my existing account; I'm sure I've got the Adobe ID email address and password correct, but it's saying "Incorrect username or password.

I had trouble, too. I think I had to sign in on the Adobe site separately before I got it to work. I just re-installed at the very end of February, so they haven't completely shut off access yet. Or at least, they hadn't.

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Good luck! On a side note Robert, whats the flavour and specs of your new computer? Regards Jack. Logging in first to the Adobe website and then into ADE did the trick. Just putting it into service after having it sitting on the shelf as a backup; the unit is replacing is starting to show signs of a wonky hard drive. Originally Posted by RobertJSawyer. Jack, excellent advice about the fridge! Thank you! I have a copy of ADE 2. I can PM you a Dropbox link later.

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