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I personally haven't tried this one myself but it is often recommended as the one to get for the Mac. I've read that it might not work on the latest Mac OS though. It can handle the raster effects seen in some games absolutely perfectly which is no doubt a reflection of the timing and graphics accuracy.

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I like it!! It is probably the less functional of the emulators available for the PC. Development seems to have stopped at this stage.

Source code is available at Pauls web site. Designed to run as a desktop application. Implementation Java Homepage http: As the author states, it is slow, but the intention is not to provide something that runs games at full speed.

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Rather it is to provide features to better understand how the machine works and to help with program analysis. And it definitely delivers in that department. The debug features are very impressive, all the debug tools we are used to these days and more.

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Please contact us to avoid doing something that someone else has done already. You might also want to have a look at our TODO list. Keep in mind that we work on VICE in our spare-time, so the more time we don't need to answer the same questions over and over again, the more time we have to improve the emulation itself.

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On the other hand, that does not mean that you should not contact us, especially if you find bugs or have suggestions which might improve the emulation. The list of already known BUGS is also available.

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Please put the word VICE in all capitals in your subject line e. This helps mail splitting and reduces chances that your message is unintentionally deleted, forgotten or lost. You can download the latest VICE distribution here. We do not provide official binaries anymore.

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Occasionally we might upload unofficial test builds here. Binaries of even older releases can be found on http: