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I've used Microsoft Office all my adult business life and the past 12 years have been on a Mac. I currently have an Office subscription, but I recently changed to iWork and to me there is no better feeling than using iWork apps with the ubiquity of iCloud. Everything just "feels" right and even more importantly, with the user interface of these three apps it also "looks" right.

For me it's not about the money, but I have the family subscription of Office so I do save some money each year. Yes, I have a boatload of storage in OneDrive with my Office account, but OneDrive is a very slow synching cloud service that I could never warm up to. I just use Dropbox, even though I could use iCloud Dropbox is the number one cloud synching service in the world for many good reasons.

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I have to interface and collaborate with many folks who use Microsoft Office, both on Windows and Macs. I have never had a problem exporting an iWork document to a Microsoft Office document.

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Admittedly, I have downloaded all the Microsoft fonts onto my Mac, but this is free and anyone can do it in a matter of minutes. Good call on downloading the Microsoft fonts—that'll definitely help keep iWork and Microsoft Office working well together! If I ever had to switch for all the reasons written above, I would very happily switch to Google Apps.

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  7. Yes, Google Apps is also an option. I haven't been super impressed with their apps, though; I'm not sure exactly what it is. I do use them on occasion, but the online limitations and interfaces just don't do it for me. I remember previously when I used iWork-iCloud integration during my uni masters days back somewhere in And it happened to many, just google it. Yes I should have had copies on local hard drive, I've learnt.

    My biggest gripe was that I've emailed them for help, and only got 'We regret for your inconvenience and go this webpage for troubleshooting' which didn't help. Or perhaps I'm living outside US, which may be not important commercially. Yeah, losing reference material is rough. That's why I always used Endnote and backed everything up. I like the Apple Office suite, but it is quit unfair and also a little bit bluffing to use the OLD Microsoft Office for your screenshots as there exist a very newer one Microsoft Office for Mac. Not really good journalism They did not talk about 1 TB free storage which comes with Office Getting storage space with Office is one of the perks, but you do also get iCloud storage.

    It's not a huge amount, but I don't think many people are really in the position of needing more cloud storage at the moment. There's just so much free storage out there that paying for it seems a little ridiculous!

    iWork: Apple’s Substitute For Microsoft Office

    First your title is incomplete and because article is directed to noobs and it must be explicitly mentioned there. Don't generalize your opinion. Fair point many people don't need more space. Define what you do you mean by 'many'? Why is FinancesOnline free? FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions.

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    WPS Office. Microsoft Orange Mailer. Calligra Suite. For Powerpoint the Touch Bar integrates slide thumbnails so you can move through your presentation, and also includes a timer. Read next: New Microsoft Office Business and Enterprise tiers explained: which one is right for your business?

    Office Files in iWork

    As a Mac user, I opted for the Apple iWork software suite, mainly based on price. The software itself is native to the Mac, and has that clean Apple design with the sort of functionality anyone brought up on Office products will find familiar.

    I then switched to G Suite due to our office being a subscriber, and find these productivity apps easy to use and conducive to collaboration with my colleagues. That being said if our office was a Microsoft shop I see no reason why I wouldn't have settled for that software for the same reasons, despite the fact that I personally prefer the stripped back functionality of the G Suite applications.

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